Hidden rooms that only the cabin crew uses

Some airplanes have hidden rooms that are meant only for the cabin crew, check out this video of the hidden cabin crew room
Find the hidden room

If you thought you knew everything about airplanes, think again! There is a hidden room in most airplanes that is used only by the cabin crew and can be accessed through a door from the cockpit. This room is used during long flights, is equipped with bunk beds, chairs, a toilet and everything the crew needs to relax mid shift.

Of course not all airplanes are equipped with the secret room, since for shorter routes there is no need for such a place. Boeing 747, 777 and 787 Dreamliners are equipped with an especially luxurious cabin crew room, since their routes usually take around 16 hours of flight and the crew needs a place to rest mid shift.

Chris McGuills, the editor of the travel website TravelSkills had the chance to look “behind the scenes” to the secret cabin crew room and shared his video on Youtube. Thanks to him you also have the chance to look how life on an airplane looks like:

July 27, 2016
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