Turn a new page in your
life and experience
and much more as you begin your
life as a flight attendant !


The life of a flight attendant is a continuous stream of new experiences. In your voyages you will meet new people and travel to exotic places, all at the expense of your airline company. You will not be stuck flying the same route all the time since airline companies change the flight schedule of their personnel, in order to avoid them falling into a routine.


You will work an average of fifteen days per month, giving you lots of free time to spend with your family and friends. Between flights you will usually have a downtime, which can last from a few hours to an entire day. You can use this time however you want. Visit the city you are staying in and have some fun between flights.

Free or Discounted Air Travel

Most airline companies offer deeply discounted ticket prices to their employees, while some even offer free travel across the world. In any case it's a shame to not take full advantage of the opportunity to travel across the world and visit exciting new places. Also, lots of hotels offer generous discounts to flight attendants, so be sure to check out for any opportunity before embarking on a journey.


As a flight attendant visiting big cities worldwide is part of your daily routine. You will have no problem satisfying your thirst for shopping in places like New York, Paris or Shangai, and the downtime between flights is an excellent time to hit the busy shopping streets of the world capital cities.

Free Clothing

This trademark of flight attendants worldwide can be a blessing if you have a low starting salary. You will save a lot of money on clothing and accessories if you are on a tight budget. Wearing a uniform is a trademark of flight attendants all across the world. You will receive the uniform from your airline company, so you don't have to spend money buying one.

Experiencing Local Food

Every country has its own cuisine, whether it is a Strip steak from New York, the Spanish seafood or sushi in Japan, flight attendants get to experience the variety of food from all around the world.

Meeting Famous People

Famous people spend a lot of time travelling on airplanes, so it is a fairly common occurrence to meet and have a chat with them. Flight attendants can easily get acquainted with famous people and building good connections is a sure way to succeed in life.

Flight Attendants on Instagram

Instagram offers a window on what goes on behind the scenes of the glamorous lives of flight attendants. Hastags like #crewlife and #cabincrew are used by cabin crews to share their adventures both in the sky and on the ground. A career as a flight attendant is an ideal opportunity to visit exotic new places, and share your adventures with friends and family.